Terms & Conditions


Please read these terms and conditions carefully. They apply to all holidays and flights described in this brochure / website and they deal with your rights and obligations to us and ours to you. We are committed to a policy of fair trading and make every effort to ensure that you have an enjoyable holiday with us.

Consumer Protection & Financial Security

The air holidays in this brochure are ATOL Protected, since we hold an Air Travel Organiser's Licence granted by the Civil Aviation Authority. In the unlikely event of our insolvency, the CAA will ensure that you are not stranded abroad and will arrange to refund any money you have paid us for an advance booking. Please remember that there is NO FINANCIAL PROTECTION should you book directly with an airline. For further information, visit the ATOL website at www.atol.org.uk

Your Flight Contract

As soon as we dispatch your flight confirmation invoice, but not before, your contract with Visaline travel takes effect. Once the contract is made, we are responsible to you to provide the flight you have booked and you are responsible to us to pay for it subject to our advertised terms and conditions detailed elsewhere in the brochure/website. Please note it is important to check carefully the written confirmation of your booking when you receive it, or, if booking late, that all the details are exactly as requested at the time of booking. Our responsibility is to provide you with the holiday you have booked as described in the brochure/website and as confirmed to you. If you wish to cancel or change your booking you may have to pay cancellation or amendment charges. With parties of two or more people, the person who makes the booking accepts responsibility for making all payments to Visaline travel for all members of the party. We will send all documents and other information to that person who will, in turn, be responsible for ensuring that the other members of the party are kept fully informed.


All prices in the brochure / website are in pounds sterling per person. we reserve the right to raise or lower prices at any time before you book. If, at the time of booking your flight, the price has changed from that shown in the brochure/website you will be advised of the new price applicable to your booking before you confirm the flight reservation. All Prices in the different sections or any where in the site are EXCLUDING TAXES and based on per person unless stated.


Payment for your flight is as follows a) if you book more than 9 weeks before your flight departure date you are required to pay a deposit of at least £100 per person. The balance is payable 9 weeks before departure. b) if you book less than 9 weeks before departure you must pay the full price of your flight at the time of making the booking. Payment may be made by cheque (if there is time to clear it to meet the payment schedule shown above you should allow 5 working days for clearance from the time we receive it) or with a credit or debit card (a surcharge may apply) acceptable by Visaline travel. If you have paid your deposit by debit/credit card, Visaline travel will automatically debit the balance due from the same card unless advised in writing not to do so. We reserve the right to cancel your flight if you fail to make payment on time. In this case, you would then owe Visaline travel the cancellation charges set out below. Please note Visaline travel does not send payment reminders.

Special Requests

If you have a special request which does not form part of the flight as described in the brochure / website, please let us know. We will always try to provide such requests but cannot guarantee to do so. Under no circumstances will such requests be accepted by us to form part of our contractual obligations and there will be no liability on our part if they are not met.

Flight Insurance

It is a condition of booking that you take out Visaline travel insurance policies or arrange another policy which provides you with at least the same amount of cover. The cost of medical and other treatment overseas can be high, and, if no insurance is taken, we will not be able to assist you in any way. Please also ensure that you are fully protected against possible flight delays. If you do not take our insurance, we require you to give us details of the alternative insurance you have arranged. As cancellation cover applies immediately, no refund of insurance premiums can be made. We believe the cover offered by Visaline Travel insurance is perfectly adequate for our flights but, should you need additional cover for whatever reason, or should you wish to increase the insured amounts, it is your responsibility to arrange additional cover.